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“Where Landscape Professionals work together to help the Industry grow.”

About SNLA

The Southern Nevada Landscape Association shall and will be dedicated to the needs of the Nevada Green Industry by promoting and participating in the professional development of our members through active and continued education and high ethical standards. The Southern Nevada Landscape Association will be a strong voice for the Green...

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The Landscape Industry comes under pressure from many and various aspects of the government, the general public and non-professional companies. It’s image and relationship with these entities needs to be professional. Each company involved in this industry that strives to maintain this professionalism must continually build it’s image and maintain these relationships in order to become or remain successful.

The Southern Nevada Landscape Association is YOUR local association to accomplish this. Unlike what any one company can do on it’s own, a dedicated group of professionals united to address these issues is the most appropriate and economical way to gather pertinent information about pending or new regulations and reach out to the general public to let them know how and where to find quality professional help for their projects.